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Welcome to Impose Online

Impose online is FREE service that enables you to impose your pdf documents without the high cost of specialised imposition software. Upload your pdf, configure your imposition, then download your new imposed file instantly!

Before you begin, we highly recommend you read through the limitations of this service to ensure that it’s right for you.

If you’re already a member, simply log-in above and start imposing. If you’re
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Pages imposed to date: 44,364,263


Manual imposition error — 4 Sep 2021
The recent issue with the manual imposition process should now be fixed. Thanks to everyone for letting me know, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

Impose Online has a new home! — 3 Sep 2021
I have decided to move Impose Online to a more powerful server. The hope is that it will be able to impose larger files faster than before, and I may even be able to increase the upload file size limits in the future. There were a few technical issues during the site migration, and I apologise to all who had problems during this time. Everything should be working fine now.

What happened!? — 4 Mar 2021
I still don't know why, but my Impose Online host had a complete meltdown, leaving Impose Online (and only Impose Online) offline for several days. While I was fixing it, I also took the opportunity to fix a few security issues. Thanks to Pascal for alerting me to the issue, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

No more Flash! — 27 Feb 2020
I finally got around to removing the Adobe Flash requirement for uploading files.

One million pages imposed in just eight months — 27 May 2013
Over 3,000,000 pages imposed, and still 100% free!

Over two million pages imposed — 5 September 2012
We've finally cracked the 2,000,000 page mark! Thanks to all Impose Online users for their continued support.

Version 1.3 Release — 13 August 2012
Impose Online now accepts all PDF versions! You can now upload any PDF file, generated from any version of Adobe Acrobat. I have also added an upload progress bar, as well as some smaller bug fixes and revisions. Enjoy!

Service failures due to increased use — 3 March 2011
I must apologise to users of Impose Online who have encountered difficulties lately. With over 1,600 registered users, Impose Online has been getting a great deal of use. So much so, the caches have been getting full of uploaded files, faster than they can be emptied. I will be taking steps to increase the space allocation on the server to resolve this issue in the future. In the meantime, I apologise to everyone who has been unable to impose their files.

Version 1.2 Release — 31 March 2009
Trim marks are now coloured “registration” to ensure output on all separated plates.
Thanks to Amanda for her feedback!

Version 1.1 Release — 16 Feb 2009
Users now have the ability to select their measurement units of preference
(mm or inches) via the “Your Account” link.

Version 1.0 Launch — 13 Feb 2009
Impose Online goes live!

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